First Generation Pentecostal Experience

April 5-6, 2018

There will be no "Singing With The Saints" pre-conference for the 2018 PFYC event. 
Rocky Top will be available Wednesday 8PM-Midnight.


The below conference times are EDT time zone.

If you are using the PFYC app, you may see differing times.

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The times listed below are event times  local to Pigeon Forge.

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April 5th 2018

- 11:00 AM - 1:15 PM -

"Answering Questions That Young People Are Asking" 

Bro Dwaine Galiher, Bro John Isaacs, Bro Zane Estis, Bro Mike Shelton.

"Cell Phone Etiquette"

Bro. Andrew Astor

"3rd Generation Pentecostals With A First Generation Experience"

Bro John Roberts, Bro Brent Gabbard.

- 7:00 PM -


Bro Todd Hatcher

Evening Service

Bro Enoch Snow

After Service (11 pm - 2 am)

Rocky Top Sports World - ($10 per person)

See Conference Info page for more info.

Children's Church

Ages 5-10

Thursday & Friday • 11 AM - 1 PM

Session by Bro John Burdine


April 6th 2018

-11:00 AM - 1:20 PM -

"Entitlement Mentality" 

Bro John Brock

"Pitfalls To Avoid While Parenting" (Breakout Class) 

Bro Steve Gentry

"Ten Ethics Points For Young Preachers"

Bro Shad McDonald

"Answering Questions That Young People Are Asking"

Bro Doug Philips, Bro Terry Garner, Bro Jerry Pascarella, Bro Jimmy Millikin.

"Security And Self Worth"

Bro Mike Maxon Jr

"Preacher's Kids" (Breakout Class)

Bro Douglas Meadow

- 7:00 PM - 


Bro Ashton McDonald

Evening Service

Bro Douglas Meadow