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"I know that we are not supposed to base our Christian life on our feelings, but by faith. I’ve been raised in church my whole life, and distinctly remember getting saved as a young 7 year old girl. However, I struggled all throughout my teenage years to maintain a prayer life… It was never stressed to me as a teenager. 

Now I am now in my twenties, single, working a full-time job, attending college as a full-time student online, I have to work full-time to make ends meet working 10 hours or more every day, then have school work in the evening. I just feel like I am struggling to stay alive spiritually, but do not know how to establish that consistent, prayer life that I need to have. 

I have a longing in my heart to be used by the Lord, but just feel like the devil is fighting me so hard, because he knows I’m not swayed to go to the movies, drink, drugs, etc. But lately, I have just felt like a complete failure to the Lord, I want to do something for Him, but when I get down to pray, I just feel like my prayers fall straight to the ground. 

It's hard too at this point in my life, because I am now too old to be in the “youth group”, the few friends I have recently gotten married or are engaged, so I just feel lost in the sauce, like I don’t have a place. How do I get past all of these obstacles and start thriving again spiritually?"


Priorities… Priorities… Priorities!

Make a list of all the areas of your life. (responsibilities, activities, duties, relationships, obligations, etc.) and then begin to organize that list according to the level of importance of each area.

NOTE: Your personal relationship with God is supreme and should be placed at the top of the list.

At the core of maintaining this relationship is your devotional time (prayer and bible reading) this is your alone time with God. You must keep that relationship alive by reading His words to you and communing with Him in prayer.

Every person who has ever backslid and lost their salvation has

gone down the same road – “prayerlessness”

As teenagers grow into adulthood very often they have the illusion that life will be much easier and less stressful, but soon they are hit hard by the reality that things only get more stressful, and much busier. As life gets more demanding very often they do not up the level of their intensity in their personal walk with God and therefore they become a casualty. I do not want to see this happen to you, or anyone for that matter. Take stock of your life and fight for your relationship with God. If you have to let some things go then so be it, but do not allow anything to crowd out your time with Him.

Another very important part of life that you must prioritize is time for Good Godly Fellowship. This is another area that is difficult to maintain because of the load that you now carry as an adult.

Make plans to attend PFYC, a campmeeting, and even a youth camp. I realize sometimes it is awkward for young adults to find “their place” in the midst of a youth meeting, but don’t stop trying.

Pray about attending the Impact young adult retreat in Branson, Missouri.

The bottom line is this…  Seclusion and isolation are your enemies.


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